Morning Circle

Please work through these morning circle activities each morning before you begin Main Lesson

Daily Verses - Click Here

Have fun with some Body Percussion with Roderick!

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Cursive Practice - Each day please write the two sentences provided to you in your pink cursive books. 

Maths Practice - Please complete what you can of the big maths sheet provided in your packs

Times Tables

Please participate in daily out-of-order times table questions. 

Out of Order times tables

Monday 3s
Tuesday 4s
Wednesday 6s
Thursday 7s
Friday 8s

Recorder - please practise this song each day as it will be in our play!!


Dear Children,

Here is a game I think you may enjoy at home before we come back together at school next week. You could play this with your brothers and sisters and get the whole family involved! Find some counters for each player and roll the dice to see where you will land. Slide down the rainbows or climb the ladders and see who reaches the star first. I hope it brings you some fun and laughter to help start the term. I look forward to seeing you all VERY soon.


Love Kelly 

Rainbows and Snakes

Lady Spring

Now please make your way to the Main Lesson page. Thank you for your efforts today so far, keep up the good work!

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